A great selection to begin your meal appetisers

1 Papad Basket

Two different types of papadoms served with gurkha special chutneys
  • £2.95

2 Onion Bhaji

Slices of onions spiced with fresh herbs and Nepalese spices, deep fried
  • £2.95

3 Vegetable Somosa

Pastry parcels, filled with spiced vegetables
  • £2.45

4 Masala Mogo

Stir fried cassava chips cooked in chefs special sauce.
  • £3.95

5 Chilli Paneer

Fried cottage cheese cooked in a spice and sauteed with capsicum, onion, tomato and fresh chillies...
  • £4.25

6 Meat Somosa

Pastry parcels, filled with spiced mince lamb.
  • £3.25

7 Chilli Chicken

Chicken breast marinated in a spice and sauteed with capsicum, onion tomato and fresh chillies
  • £3.95

8 Chicken Wings

Chicken wings marinated with selection of spice and herbs and cooked in tandoor
  • £3.95

9 Fish Amritsari

Deep fried tilpiya fish chunks with the flavours of different herbs and spice.
  • £4.25

10 Prawn Puri

Prawns slightly spiced and cooked with for a sweet and sour taste, served on puffy whole meal bread.
  • £4.95

Veg Main

Main courses made with just vegetables

25 Veg Kofta

Slightly spiced vegetable ball dumpling cooked with tomato and onion sauce.
  • £5.95

27 Daal Makhani

Black lentils cooked with tomato garlic ginger and cumin seeds.
  • £5.25

28 Brinjal Bharta

Smoked aubergine pulp cooked with ginger green chillies and coriander.
  • £5.25

Rice dishes

45 Pilau Rice

Basmati rice cooked with bay leaf, spiced herbs and butter.
  • £2.75

47 Lemon Rice

Basmati rice cooked with lemon zest, mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  • £2.95

All time favourites

63 Curry (Mild)

  • Vegetable ... £5.95
  • Chicken ... £6.45
  • Lamb ... £6.95
  • Seafood ... £10.25

64 Madras (Medium)

  • Vegetable ... £5.95
  • Chicken ... £6.95
  • Lamb ... £7.25
  • Seafood ... £10.95

66 Bhuna (Mild)

  • Vegetable.....£5.95
  • Chicken.....£6.95
  • Lamb.....£7.25
  • Seafood.....10.95

72 Patiya (Mild)

  • Vegetable.....£5.95
  • Chicken.....£6.95
  • Lamb.....£7.25
  • Seafood.....10.95

65 Karahi (Mild)

  • Vegetable.....£5.95
  • Chicken.....£6.95
  • Lamb.....£7.25
  • Seafood.....10.95

Wine Menu

Grill Main

Main course items that is cooked in the tandoor.

11 Chicken Tikka

Pieces of chicken breast marinated in selection of spice and herbs, cooked in tandoor.
  • £6.95

12 Lamb Tikka

Pieces of lambs marinated in selection of spice and herbs, cooked in tandoor
  • £7.25

13 Seekh Kabab

Mince lamb with mixed with corriender, ginger, garlic and cooked in tandoor.
  • £5.95

14 Tandoori Chicken

Chicken grill on bone marinated with fresh herbs and ground spices.
  • Half ... £5.25
  • Full ... £9.95

15 Shaslik

Delicious breast of chicken marinated in chef special herbs and spice cooked in tandoor.
  • £7.95

16 Tandoori King Prawn

King prown marinated with special herbs and range of spice and green herbs cooked in tandoor.
  • £13.95

17 Mix Grill

Selection of tandoori grilles, includinf lamb tikka, chicken tikka, sheikh kabab, king prawn, perfect mixture of most tandoor item.
  • £12.95


A great selection of main courses.

19 Chicken/ Lamb Chattnad

Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh tomato, tempered with curry leaves, chille coriander seeds and pepper ( contain nuts)
  • £7.25/ £7.55

20 Chicken Tikka Makhani

Tandoor cooked chicken tikka finished in a sumptuous tomato sauce with garlic ginger methi leaves and black salt to provide a colorful and delicious meal.
  • £7.45

21 Rogan Josh

An authentic indian dish, which is all time favourite containing myriad of spices and flavours, exceptionally presented to our customer.
  • Chicken ... £7.45
  • Lamb ... £7.95

24 Pan Fried Sea Bass

Coated with gurkha special spices and pan fried. Serve with lemon rice and special sauce.
  • £10.95


A great selection of side dishes.

33 Aloo Gobi

Cauliflower and potato cooled in medium hot sauce.
  • £3.95

38 Sag Aloo

Potato with spinach cooked in thick medium hot sauce.
  • £3.95

Biryani Dishes

Biryani is a rice-based dish made with spices, rice and chicken, lamb, prawns, and/or king prawns.


55 Chapati

The simplease unleavened and rolled in layers giving a flaky texture
  • £1.75

57 Paratha

Wheat flour unleavened and rolled in layers giving a flaky texture
  • £2.25

Nepalese Menu

79 Choyala Set

Pickled lamb served cold with potato saya beans and salad.
  • £7.95

80 Bhutan

Boiled mutton Stomach stir fried with Nepalese spices.
  • £6.95

81 Pangra

Chicken gizzeard boiled and stir fried with Nepalese spices.
  • £6.95

87 Gurkha Special Set

Chicken or Lamb Sekuwa, Chitwan Ko Taas, Bhiura Bhatamas Sandheko, Aloo achaar served with salad.
  • £14.95

88 Veg Momo

Steamed dumpling filled with vegetable mince served with home-made chutney.
  • £4.25

89 Chitwan ko Taas

Baby lamb fillet marinated in chefs special herbs in typical chitwan style served with home made salad and chutney
  • £9.95

90 Momo Chicken/Lamb

Steamed dumpling filled with chicken or lamb munic served with home-made chutney
  • Chicken...£5.25
  • Lamb....£5.95

91 Sekuwa Chicken/ Lamb

Chicken or lamb marinated and cooked tri clay oven served with home-made chutney
  • Chicken....£6.95
  • Lamb.... £7.95

94 Chowmein Vegetable/Chicken/Mutton

Vegetable/boneless chicken or mutton stir fried with freshly boiled noodle in chef special sauce.
  • Vegetable...£6.95
  • Chicken....£7.95
  • Mutton....£8.95